Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dharma Farms

Aloha ;)! I'm on the lovely east coast side of Hawaii right now! It is beautiful out here. It rains on and off, but it is enjoyable. At the moment it is sunny and warm! Absolutely wonderful!!

I"m hanging out at my first farm called Dharma Farms. I am staying at an unbelievebly awesome farm house. I have my own room, even though most nights I crash out on the hammock outside. The owner is a great man name Allan Yoza. He is teaching me great information about life. This is truly a great experience to be here.

The main crop is Noni. Some may know it from it's medicinal properties. Whenever there is a problem, Allans solution is always "put some noni on that" ;). It is awesome here. I love it. There is a large farm spot called "Mango Land". It has these trees that have got to be 75 years old. There are tons of these things! It's great because the trees pop off at all different times. Actually, there are mangos I've been eating every night for dinner!. I would be eating more, but alot of the mangos get mangled my the lava rocks on the bottom. Currently, I am looking for fishing nets to hang below the Mango trees so they can have a soft landing! These are some of the greatest mangos I've ever had, and they are wild!

There are tons of bananas tree all over the properties, including the farm house. Right now there is a lot of citrus, jak fruit which I'm about to leave right now to pick, Ulu (breadfruit), small amounts of greens, avocados, liche (not in season) and some more I can't think of! Extremely easy to sustain yourself here in the summer time, I'm having a small amount of difficulty because it is winter. I'm trying to get set up on other local farms for different varities, so it will be easier. There is also a farmers market right in town on Saturdays with everything I can possibly imagine (rambutons, durian, sapote, sapodilla, etc). I can't wait to hit that up! Trying to save money though!

I've got to boogy, got to go pick some jak fruit and mangos for food. Clear down some jungle to farm some new spot, setting it up permiculture style! Then we got to go under the moonlight and prune noni, pick noni, and swing machettes while stumbling on lava rocks!

If your coming to the Big I, make sure you stop here! As I said, Allan is great. Really good vibes, funny, smiling, and lovable. Also, there is a KRSNA gathering on the weekends. They serve pizza among other things. I just eat the salad, all fresh! Just need to have an open mind and respect everyones belief and culture, it is amazing different aspects on life you can take on on doing this!


PS, I will post some pictures up soon. I need to do some stuff before I get there! JAKFRUIT AND MANGOS HERE I COME!


  1. Eeeeee, you've finally managed to get there then!! ;)
    I can't wait to see pictures!!!!
    Ooohhh, all those fruits!!!
    Have fun!!!

  2. Hawaii speaks through you. I can hear it in your voice :) I wish I was there.