Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Mom's like her choose Jif"

So, my flight has been cancelled! Everything is going hay-wire right now. I was suppose to travel from Boston to Atlanta to Las Vegas to Honolulu to Hilo. The problem is that we (boston) are in a storm and it's coming from south east us (atlanta). So we can't fly in it! The airlines tried booking me a new flight flying out of Boston tomorrow @ 6am. That's not going to work because I need to be on my flight to Honolulu at 2am!

So, what I am trying to say is that thankfully I have a great mother who is doing everything she can to help me out. I have no idea what to do, but she is a super woman! Lets just hope everything will get worked out so I can make it to hawaii without extra charges, because I have $25 dollars for this trip. Yes, only $25 for 3 months! Lets see how I will hold up!

Thanks mom :)

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