Monday, February 2, 2009

The guilted meal

Mmmm, there is nothing like a mono 5lb meal of grapes :) So delicious, thirst quenching, and fueling. There is only one problem when it is January on the Northeast coast of the US, your food comes from everywhere but home!

I usually eat guilt-free. There is nothing but love, care, and peace in the food I consume. It's great because that becomes a part of me. It's vitalness and love just vibrates through out my body, truly wonderful.

I've accepted the fact that my food may come from California, Washington, or even sometimes South America. I've told myself that the impact on the growing of fruits and veggies are so minimal to other impacts that it is somewhat okay that it is being shipped far away. I know that one day (which is tomorrow!) I will be able to pick delicious foods by hand and eat them right there on the spot. So I have accepted this.

This meal of grapes were a tough one to eat. I had pre-ordered these (15lbs) from my usual supplier and picked them up on friday. The box was labeled "S. Africa". These grapes were shipped from South Africa to United States! That is some serious distance. Some serious miles over tha land, across the seas, and finally onto the states. These grapes have seen more than I could ever imagine! They have traveled halfway around the world to get to my plate! I have heard on average food travels 1950 miles to get to our plates.

I can't live like this for long, we need to sustain ourselves! Permaculture, here I come!!!

This was a delicous meal. Everything came from western US. SO there was still some serious distance! It's 1lb of smooshed strawberries, 1.5lbs of sliced strawberries, 2lbs of apples, and a stock of celery!

It truly hit the spot. It was a great combo! Sweet and salty! It made me excited. This is definitely a great meal to leave on!

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