Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I love life!

There is so much to say! I don't even no where to start! Lets begin with PICTURES. It takes too much time updating on this webpage. If anyone has any tips that will be great!

When I first came out to hawaii my plan was to travel all of the main islands. I have made it to the first one DHARMA FARMS HAWAII. I have gotten a chance of a life time and I am not backing out of it. I will be staying here for another month. I am staying a cabin that has no electricity, water catchment for a shower and sink. It has 5 acres of beautiful, lush, great soiled land. It is completely overgrown and will be convereted into a food forest. A lush, beautiful, permiculture food forest!

We (Joe and I), have planted 12 banana trees and cleared down a bunch of tall grass to plant veggie beds there. We are getting a nursery set up. Every food we eat that is tastey, we will grow into cakies (Hawaiian term for babys) and plant them throughout the property. So far we have mamee sapote, green sapote, black sapote, rambutans (red and yellow), avocado cakies, banana cakies, jakfruit cakies, mulberry and many more. We will be planting soo many herbs and veggies! Joe is planning on staying, while I will be leaving. This is the opporturnity of a life time!

Joe has plans to survive off of his land as soon as possible. He also plans on setting up a "Free Food Stand" at the end of his driveway and selling some extra produce at the farmers market. Free Food Stands are so beautiful. Imagine being on a long bike ride, you're 30 miles into it, another 20 more to go. You come up and over this crazy hill and all of the sudden you roll upond 20 free mangos, 12 free melons, 30 avocados, 10 banana stocks, bags of tomatoes, leafy greens, peppers and more. You can stop and eat this beautiful feast and then move on, spreading the seeds all over. Poor families with no land could eat, and even help collect the food. It's something we all need to think of!

Life on the islands are sureal. The weather has been perfect, raining everyonce in a while. It rains just enough to water the plants, and this is usually while you're sleeping. So far the locals are great! You see a few occasional thugs (like anywhere) giving you the stink eye because you're a haole (white mainlander). But that's it. No problems. I've been biking all over the east coast. I've done over 200 miles probably so far. It is beautiful. Just catching the sun, breathing in, seeing the coastal line. Life is trully beautiful when you can live it!

Who knows, maybe I will stay here until I go back home. It feels great to be a part of something so new and so permenant.But then again....!

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